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What factors should I consider when placing an ad buy?

Ask yourself these questions and you’ll have a better idea of how to build your media plan:

 1. What type of advertising message am I conveying?

  • Awareness
  • Introduction
  • Sustaining
  • Recognition
  • Recall
  • Learning
  • Attitude Shift
  • Purchase
  • New Product
  • Image
  • Market Share
  • Promotional
  • Call to Action (Direct Response)

2. What are the marketing factors?

  • Established name brand versus new name brand
    Established brands already have high awareness and require less frequency while new brands need to build awareness.
  • Brand loyalty
    The higher the loyalty factor, the lower the need for frequency.
  • Brand dominance
    A dominant brand needs lower frequency levels because of its high degree of awareness and acceptance.
  • Purchase/usage cycle
    The longer the product/service purchase/usage cycle, the less frequency required than those with shorter cycles. Shorter product/usage cycles have to use higher frequency levels to make greater impact on the marketplace.
  • Competitive strategy
    Higher frequency is recommended to beat the competition.
  • Target group
    Every group has a different threshold. Younger demos are generally less tolerant of repeated messages so a lower frequency would be in order while older demos will be more receptive to repetition.

 3. What are the creative factors?

  • Message complexity
    The more simplistic the message, the lower frequency needed.
  • Message uniqueness
    A high level of creativity requires less frequency.
  • New versus continued campaign
    A repeated message requires lower frequency while a new message requires a higher level of frequency.
  • Image versus product sell
    Image requires reinforcement, while selling product requires greater reach.
  • Message variation
    The greater number of messages being used, the more frequency is required.Burnout
    To lessen spot ‘burnout’ aim for greater reach with lesser frequency.
  • Advertising units
    Shorter units (:15’s or :10’s) generally require higher frequency to be effective.
  • What are the media factors?
  • Clutter level
    The more cluttered the advertising environment, the more frequency necessary to maintain share of voice.
  • Editorial environment
    Programming that does not enhance the advertising message requires more requency.
  • Attentiveness
    The greater the likely level of viewer engagement/attentiveness to the type of program (i.e.: drama, sports, news) the lower frequency needed.
  • Continuous versus flighting
    Your ad schedule can be arranged as one long campaign that runs daily or weekly; or it can be scheduled in succinct flights, where your campaign is off-air for a week or two before resuming again. Flighting helps extend your timing and ad dollars over a longer period of time. However, continuous advertising plans require less frequency than flighted plans.

Source: Comcast Corp.

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