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Gemini Production Group has produced a number of spots for broadcast and cable television which create creating persuasive TV messages for a wide variety of clients. We know the key to effective advertising is to capture and hold the viewer's attention while presenting your product or service in a manner which is consistent with your company’s desired image

We welcome you to view samples of our work and to contact us to learn how we can create unique and creative TV advertising for you.

Advertising Options
As a television advertiser, you have several options to reach your targeted audience. These options include national ads on networks such as NBC, CBS and FOX, regional ads on network affiliates, and local spots via cable which can be targeted to individual cities or boroughs. Local networks and Cable providers have in-house production teams which churn out free television spots in return for a commitment to spend a certain amount on advertising. Their business model relies on making as much money as possible by airing these discounted commercials as many times as possible. Our clients have found that their advertising dollars go further when they invest up-front in a better quality commercial. It makes no sense to them to spend tens of thousands of dollars to air a commercial of inferior quality. In video production, the old adage that “you get what you pay for” has never been more true.

We invite you to view our demo reel. Please contact us with questions about our video production services.


We start with your thoughts and ideas. We discuss what you want to say and the best way to say it. We refine rough ideas into solid concepts which form the foundation for an effective spot. These concepts will be transformed into a shooting script which will state all the critical details for the upcoming shoot. The script will be broken down into audio and video elements, side by side, on the page and will give you a clear picture of what the finished commercial will look like. Any major changes can be made at this point with relative ease. If necessary, storyboards (basic illustrations) will be created to further illustrate individual shots. Additional planning may be required for shooting locations, props and talent (actors and/or voiceover). Any costs associated with these elements will be presented to you for approval, along with the finished script.

Next come the story boards so you can see a comic book type visualization of the script. Any major changes are made now, and the script and storyboards redone. This saves time, money, and headaches. "Once the storyboards are finished it's as good as in the can." said the great film director Alfred Hitchcock. With all the details planned out we are finally ready for production.

It's production day, the day the lights turn on, the cameras roll and the action happens! Raw images are captured just as they are described in the script. Everything runs smoothly because of good pre-production.

Post production:
The rough footage is edited into sequence. The soundtrack and voice over are mixed, and the graphics applied. The finished product is called the master. Copies for distribution will be made from this master.

Broadcast-quality copies are delivered to the broadcaster or cable provider for them to air.

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