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Infomercials, also known as long-form advertising, are designed to inform, entertain and explain the benefits of a product or service within a 30-minute programming block.  The extended length allows our clients to deliver their message in greater detail, build credibility, and inspire viewers to act.  Essentially, they are programs that are designed to capture and hold the attention of viewers while they offer solutions to their needs.

Infomercials can air nationally, regionally, or locally.  Airtime can be purchased on a local level at very reasonable rates.   No matter how great your product is, or how many times your infomercial airs, it must be well-written and well-produced in order for it to be effective.  That is where Gemini and our team of professionals come in. 

We invite you to view our demo reel. Please contact us with questions about our video production services.

Benefits of Long Form Advertising
Attention: Infomercials capture and hold the viewers attention.
Retention: 50% recall, up to six weeks after viewing.
Effectiveness:  Creates a demand for your product and stimulates the viewer into action.
Length:  Allows you to convey product’s features and benefits without the constraint of a 30-second time limit.
Credibility:  Your idea can be presented fully, thus building credibility with the viewer.
Call to Action:  Your presentation can contain multiple calls to action, including several commercials for your product, within the program.
Multi-media:  We can encode your infomercial so that it can be added to your website as streaming video.

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