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Multicam DiagramMulti-Camera Event Production
For projects such as concerts, corporate conferences, or live events where a single camera isn't enough, a multi-cam production is the answer. It’s like a live television studio & control room on wheels.  Multicam Event Production is adaptable to meet almost any situation; whether it’s to record a live performance or to help the live audience see the action more clearly by using multiple cameras to project magnified images (I-Mag) onto a large screen.

Corporate Conference & Event Coverage

Capture your next corporate conference with multiple cameras for maximum impact.  This type of shooting is perfect for event coverage of corporate meetings, training seminars, and webcasting.   Incorporating Multi-Cam into your event gives you several advantages:  You can use multiple cameras and projection screens to allow everyone the room the ability to clearly see the speaker (I-Mag).  You can record the event for future distribution on DVD or the web, and you can even broadcast the event live on the web for those who could not attend.

  • Corperate EventImage magnification or "I-MAG" is the perfect way to get your keynote speaker "up close and personal" with every event attendee, no matter the room or function size.  Gemini Production Group provides experienced camera operators working with professional broadcast HD cameras and fluid-head tripods to make sure every shot is steady and sharp when projected onto a large screen.
  • Large events only happen once, so make sure they are captured for anyone who was not able to attend, or for those who want to re-live the experience again at a later date – whether it is the entire conference, important breakout sessions, or guest keynote speakers, we can provide you with archive data files which can be stored on DVD, intranet, or the world wide web.  It’s not only a great option for associates who could not attend, but also for new-hires after the conference takes place.
  • Webcasting allows you to stream your event on the web to a remote audience.  You can use password-protection and secure servers to help ensure that only members of your company can view the content. 

Nashville Concert Video Production
There is no better way to capture the excitement and energy of a live performance than with a multiple camera package.  Plus, with optional Steadicam operators and a 18 foot jib, you can give your event the look of a national broadcast. Concert ProductionOur professional videographers capture the fun and exciting live performance with creative camera angles, Steadicam’s, jibs, dollies, and professionally captured audio.  The video can be projected live on screens during the show to help the audience get a better view, it can be recorded to DVD or Blu-Ray for distribution, and it can be webcast live for a world-wide audience.


Benefits of Multicam Production:

  • Mobile: A fully-functional TV studio that can travel virtually anywhere.
  • Instant Results: What you see is what you get. While you can still make changes with editing, switching live gives you instant results while you’re recording.
  • Lower Editing Costs: Since all of the camera angles, switching and pacing are completed during the production, editing is just for touchups.
  • Distinction: Nothing compares to the look, energy and excitement of a live-captured production.

We invite you to view our demo reel. Please contact us with questions about our video production services.

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