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Custom Website Design
Have our award-winning graphic artists construct a beautiful, cutting edge design and layout using innovative artwork and creativity. Choose your own color scheme, provide us with your input for a design, let us make you look good. We will maintain your company's identity throughout your web presence.

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Why design matters
Site design that’s professional-looking, easy to navigate and quick to load is a core component for your credibility online. The success or failure of your online brand depends on customers' faith in your ability to provide the products and services they expect in a credible environment. Earning that trust directly impacts you in the form of higher site conversions, customer satisfaction and overall sales.

Online users gauge the credibility of a site based on a combination of prominence and interpretation. Since a website’s design is both pervasive and prominent, it's a huge factor when establishing trust. A Stanford survey found that half of all online shoppers notice a sites appearance when judging credibility, while a Consumer Reports/WebWatch survey found that 77 percent of browsers take a site's design and ease of use into account when deciding whether to continue their visit to the site.

Design Factors Influencing Trust
Research has identified specific design elements that are most effective at boosting customer trust and increasing sales.

  • We help customers clearly identify your company. By highlighting your unique identity and building an association with your brand, customers will better recognize you and trust you.
  • Knowing that a company has a physical location increases confidence in your brand as a stable, viable operation.  Therefore, we design pages to highlight customer service & contact information starting with your phone number and address. We make your operation transparent by linking prominently to shipping, return and privacy policies as well as security and product guarantees.
  • We balance the use of rich Internet applications such as Flash-based content with speed and functionality. We keep page load time in mind, making sure that motion-graphics have a utilitarian function behind them. Blinking, flashing and animation used solely to grab attention tend to make customers wary of a hard sell and can bog-down site performance for customers with slower connection speed.  Our web designs are clean, effective and functional.
  • Fresh content, new products, seasonal promotions, or updated buying guides implies that your site is being regularly updated, not a static relic that hasn’t been updated in months or even years. This gives the consumer confidence that the information they are reading is both fresh, and accurate. Displaying the latest content front and center on your home page and designating space to highlight timely information throughout the site is crucial to your overall design.
  • Display certification logos. Using such logos helps boost your average conversion rates by 14 percent, according to ScanAlert; incorporating them into your site’s design on the home page, at a minimum, will boost customer trust.
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